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About us

We at findandsolve strive to make quality education affordable to the masses. All the visitors, users, learners, contributors, teachers, and instructors are named as "users"; and the website is termed as "website" everywhere in this document. This is knowladge base website. News,ideas,or showing the problems and solve it by different users or our admin.


You may write an article or a blog post on any topic where you have in-depth knowledge.

Topics we cover:

You may write content on any of the following topics. If your topic is not listed then send us a suggestion, We will address your suggestionss as soon as posible. The topics are as given below.

  • Web Technologies
  • IOS/Aindroid Development
  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing
  • Blogging
  • JavaScript Frameworks such as Typescript, Angular,ReactJS, KnockoutJS, EmberJS etc.
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Web Hosting

We take plagiarism very seriously. We expect that authors have in-depth understanding of their subject and write content on his or her own simple words. We strictly follow copyright laws and hence, we do not accept any content which has been copied from other websites, books, or other copyright-protected resources. We use different tools to find out the duplicate content.

About Content Copyright

Once your content is published on our site, we hold the complete copyright of the content and the same content cannot be re-used by the author for any further online or offline publishing under any condition.

Curiosity in Content

We will help you with the information with the content that you are willing to know. We assure that our content will drive you to right direction.

Knowledge Amplifier

A Team of experts of different fileds in'Find & Solve' helps you to enlarge your knowledge. Illustration and demos are the source of clarification.

Erases Dilemma

The strong content in 'Find and Solve' helps you to get the things in right way. Our team of experts will always be there with you.

Find and solve

Find&Solve is an online learning platform.From the beginner to the experts, it helps to get the right information in any subject. Coping with today's world might be harder but find and solve is always there to help you in the fastest way in terms of information and knowledges in any content.Illustrations, examples and demos make any content the easiest.Learning with fun is our motto.

Restricted categories

  • Harmful conspiracies
  • Buying or selling social media interactions
  • Facilitation of gambling or betting
  • Copyright violation
  • Facilitation of illegal sexual services
Duplicate Content

We do not allow posting duplicate content, whether from a single account or across multiple accounts, either publicly or as an unlisted story.

Any Suggestions for Us?

If you have any feedback or advice for us, we would love to listen to it. Any ideas, topics for tutorials, or any bug that you encountered while using this site are also welcome.