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Convert Word to PDF in C#| ASP.NET Core

Here's a small program that converts a Word file to PDF in core using c#. There are many third-party SDKs or .dll which give support for the .Net Core. I going to convert word to pdf using c# without interop or any additional libraries in my project, I can try LEADTOOLS Cloud Services that support conversion to different document formats through native.

Now, I am going to create a new project and convert using c# docx to pdf. I am trying to convert Docx to pdf c# using the free library.

Create New Application in visual studio 2019

  1. Open your visual studio 2019 or greater than 2019
  2. After that click on Create a New Project from the left menu
  3. Select  ASP.NET Core Web App(Model-View-Control) and then Next
  4. Provide a Project name and confirm or change the Location. Select Next
  5. Select the latest version .net core from Target Framework in the drop-down (.NET Core 5.0)
  6. Under Authentication, select Change and set the authentication to Individual User Accounts, and then click on Create button.

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