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Google Publisher Policies for Google AdSense


Google Publisher Policies for  Google AdSense 

What is Google AdSense?

Google Adsense is the advertising network run by Google.They offer websites owners,YouTubers and bloggers,an opportunity to earn money by ads.And it is done by showing perfect advertisement int the content like text,Images,Video,specifc artical something like that.
 Google pays you to advertise for them through your text,artical content,image,youtube video like that. This is much better than private getting ads  because many companies are paying Google lots of money to advertise for them product.
No worries about payment it is always constant.Google collect payment from the advertisers organization or company and take the management fee and send the rest to you.if a company pays Google $1.5 per click, you will earn $1.23 and Google takes the rest.
AdSense offerring to pay inform of cost per click. That means you will earn money for every advertisers ads click. The rate of cost per click are different between ads varies.

applying for AdSense account

⦁    Apply with top level domain.

When you are applying for AdSense account, ensure that your correct and top level domain.For example,, or are  having good chances of getting approved.Avoid applying with the following cases giveb below:

1.Apply for subdomains or subdirectories
2.Entering page URL instead of domain URL

althouse blogger sites can be applied for google AdSense account. But it should follow the hosted site process which generally will get approved faster than other sites

⦁ Apply with a New Domain

Google AdSense policy allows to place the ad google code in your multiple domains.Your domain must be new domain which is not already applied by some other owner. If you have purchased the domain through auction the site from other owner you can applied for google Adsense.

⦁ You Should Be Domain Owner

If you apply AdSense application you to verify the ownership of the domain. This is done when your  insert the ad code between head section on your site. 

⦁ Publishers Age Limit

       Publishers to be minimum 18 years old for applying google AdSense.If publishers are less then 18 years old and publishers website,Google allows to his/her parents or guardian to submit the application using parents or guardian google Account.The payment will be sent to the primary account holder whos is an assing Google Account.


⦁  Policy Compliance

⦁    Clicks and Impressions
⦁    Content Guidelines
⦁    Traffic Sources
⦁    Ads Display
⦁    Product Specific Policies

⦁ Length of Site Ownership

Your domain age must be at-least 6 months.The domain age or length should be more that 6 months for applpying for an account.For Asian countries like Nepal,China,Bangladesh,Pakistan and India google Adsense is  not apply a generic rule.

⦁ Check Supported Language

The most of the publishers are not know about google AdSense is not supported in all languages.When you apply for an AdSense account, you must choose the primary language of your website which should be one from the given below table.

Arabic Bulgarian Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional) Croatian Czech
German Greek Hebrew Hungarian Indonesian Italian
Japanese Korean Latvian Lithuanian Polish Norwegian
Spanish Swedish Thai Turkish Ukrainian Vietnamese
Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian Slovak Slovenian *
Filipino Hindi Malay Bengali Filipino Hindi
Danish Dutch English Estonian * Finnish French
Malay Urdu        


⦁ Check Supported Language

 There are some Category which is not accept google Adsese.Google does not accept the the ffollowing types of content are given below.

⦁    Illegal content
⦁    Intellectual property abuse
⦁    Endangered or threatened species
⦁    Dangerous or derogatory content
⦁    Pornography content
⦁    Alcohol-related content
⦁    Tobacco-related content
⦁    Healthcare-related content
⦁    Hacking and cracking content
⦁    Pages that offer compensation programs
⦁    Violent content
⦁    Enabling dishonest behavior
⦁    Misrepresentative content
⦁    Malicious or unwanted software
⦁    Mail order brides
⦁    Adult themes in family content
⦁    Child sexual abuse material and pedophilia

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