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Kendo Telerik VS DevExpress for .NET Core

First the disclaimer - I work for Kendo Telarik. And I'll try to give you my fair answer what i know about that.This is only my analysis and I am not Advertising Keno or DevExpress.Generally, both Suites will seem similar in terms of products and features. However there are some key differences which can be advantageous for you.This  is my only opinion nothing else.


Kendo Telerik(Asp.Net CORE)

DevExpress (ASP.NET CORE)

Mobile support and responsivenessBetter in form controls
Powerful databinding with CRUD supportText controls can use masks which allow them to be used with numbers , emails , addresses, IPs or whatever is needed.
Built-in customizable themesControls for platforms such as WPF , Winforms and silverlight are obtained by acquiring the universal subscription
Client side rendering powered by kendo UISupport through forums, webinars an training , documentation and a blog.
Supports popular web developing toolingDevExpress has a good variety of possibilities and controls.
Integration with visual studioTremendous amount of controls are contained in the package
HTML helpers and tag helpersPowerful pre-built templates
Provides two controls for text fields - autocomplete and numeric textbox.Wide array of datasets supported
Can be rapidly integratedlot of functions and continue adding new features.
Kendo offer almost endless possibilities , allowing to use master- slave structures, row templates , online edition , paginated and asynchronic load among other things.
The best feature of Kendo Telerik is automatic code generation. It doesn't use tables but div's which allows easier and more fluid skinning.
Gives support through forums , webinars and training , documentation and a blog
Provides a java-script API that allows using the controls in the jQuery traditional way.


Kendo Telerik


Controls don't work together ( for example: RadComboBox inside RadMenu)The resulting html is not so friendly, tables are used instead of div's.
Doesn't allow conditional binding.Some needed functionalities may not be done manually , such as keeping the focus on DatePicker fields.
Custom functionality can be difficult and extensive to implement.Many setting lines must be added for each control to work properly , which results in more very large piece of code.
Issues related to JavaScript can be challenging to track down.DevExpress do not have so many possibilities : templates cannot be easily specified and grids are simpler than KendoUI ones.

Difficult and little reusable.

Newly added features in Kendo Telerik

New component features

  • • Floating action button
  • • Button navigation
  • • Expansion panel
  • • Check Box group
  • • Radio group

New Grid features

  • • Export to CSV
  • • Exportable properties for columns

New Editor Features

  • • Roman numerals
  • • Table aligning tool
  • • Import/Export from other files

New file-layout feature

  • • Add/Remove items

New List view features

  • • Grouping

New area charts feature

  • • Improved highlight of area series

New multi-component feature

  • • Keyword navigation

New Telerik document word-processing feature

  • • Support for content controls

Newly added features in DevExpress

Data grid

  • • Export to PDF(CTP)

Data gird and tree list

  • • Data editing API enhancements


  • • Map and pie chart annotations
  • • Axis label templates


  • • Partial updates
  • • Data binding enhancements
  • • Toolbox customization options
  • • Toolbox shape templates
  • • Auto-size shapes
  • • User restrictions
  • • Improved connector routing

File manager

  • • File upload via Drag and Drop

File Uploader

  • • File upload :custom drop zone
  • • API enhancements


  • • Styled edit buttons
  • • Calendar , date edit-month-year picker data

Rich Text editor

  • • Document protection API
  • • Spell checking
  • • Context menu customization


  • • Context menu customization
  • • Custom task tooltips
  • • Task edit dialog customization
  • • New client-side API

Pivot grid

  • • Export to excell API


  • • Time zone editor enhancements


• Kendo Telerik UI for core does not support localization resources.

• The current set of helpers is limited and next release will add more helpers.

Selena  Kandakar

Selena Kandakar

I like working on projects with a team that cares about creating beautiful and usable interfaces.


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