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C# Classes and Objects

C# object oriented programming tutorial

Object-oriented programming(OOP) is a programming language where programs are organized around an object to action and logic.

This is the most popular programming language in c# including abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism.

Object-Oriented has the following important features.



A class is the core of nay modern object-oriented programming language.
OOP language is compulsory to create a class for representing data.
Class is a collection of methods and variables. We can define a class using the class keyword in c#.


For Example

        class Article




Objects are the basic run-time entities of an object-oriented programming system.
"An object is an instance of a class"
The classes are regarded as types for instances and instances can not change their type as runtime.

For Example

Syntax to create an object of class Article

Artical objArical=new Artical();

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