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Logical Operators in c#

In the C#, The conditional logical AND operator &&, also known as the "short-circuiting" logical AND operator, ||, Logical or, Returns true if one of the statements is true.

In the c# programming language, the Logical Operators will always work with Boolean expressions (true or false) and return Boolean values.

The operands in logical operators must always contain only Boolean (true or false)  values. Otherwise, Logical Operators will throw an exception.

OperatorNameDescription Example (a = true, b = false)
&&Logical ANDreturns true if both operands are non-zero.a && b (false)
||Logical ORreturns true if any one operand becomes a non-zero.a || b (true)
!Logical NOTIt will return the reverse of a logical state that means if both operands are non-zero, it will return false.!(a && b) (true)

If we use Logical AND, OR operators in c# language, those will return the result as shown as given below for different inputs.

Operand1 Operand2ANDOR

If you observe the given above table example, if anyone's operand value becomes false, then the logical AND operator will return false. The logical OR operator will return true if any one operand value becomes true.

 If you use the Logical NOT operator in our c# applications, it will return the results as shown given below for different inputs.


If we observe the given above table example, the Logical NOT operator will always return the reverse value of the operand. If the operand value is true, then the Logical NOT operator will return false and vice versa.

C# Logical Operators Example

using System;

namespace FindAndSolve
    public class Program
        public static void Main(string[] args)
            int a = 8, b = 4;
            bool ab = true, result;
            // AND operator
            result = (a <= b) && (a > 5);
            Console.WriteLine("AND Operator: " + result);
            // OR operator
            result = (a >= b || (a < 5));
            Console.WriteLine("OR Operator: " + result);
            //NOT operator
            result = !ab;
            Console.WriteLine("NOT Operator: " + result);


AND Operator: False

OR Operator: True

NOT Operator: False