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Chandrakot Campus

Chandrakot Campus

Chandrakot, Shantipur, Gulmi, Nepal
  • Nepal
  • Gulmi
  • Chandrakot, Shantipur, Gulmi

Chandrakot campus is a community college aimed at imparting higher education for students who are unable to pursue their higher education in cities like Palpa, Butwal, Kathmandu etc due to poor economic conditions of their parents.

It is located at Shantipur VDC-1, in Gulmi district of Lumbini zone. Shantipur lies in the north eastern part of Gulmi district. It is around forty kilometer away from district headquarter, Tamghash. Now, it has grown as the second biggest centre of the district. It has basic modern infrastructures like road, electricity, post office, security post, internet facility and telephone. Major ethnicities of the population of this area are Bahun, Chhetri, Gurung, Magar, Newar and Dalits. Many are employed in Indian and British Army.

Chandrakot covers the geographical location of 11 Village Development Committees namely Shantipur, Harewa, Gwagha, Harrachour, Bishukharka, Dibrung, Rupakot of Gulmi district and Salyan, Hugdishir, Batakachour, Sukhaura VDCs of Baglung district.

At present Chandrakot campus is running bachelor level classes in the stream of Management as well as Humanities and Social Sciences under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University which is the oldest and the largest government university in Nepal.

Chandrakot campus was established in March 13, 2009 after receiving affiliation from Tribhuvan University. The period from November 23, 2009 to November 30, 2009 proved to be milestone in the history of the college when the amount of about 40 million rupees (Appox. USD 400000) was promised to be donated by the people of the region by performing Dhanyanchal Mahayagya ( religious ritual) during this period. So far, more than 50 percent of the promised fund has already been received by the campus. 14 ropanis(0.701 Hectare) of land has already been purchased in the name of Chandrakot campus in Shantipur VDC-1 for the construction of the teaching building for running classes as well as for the administrative work of the campus. The funds received from donation has also been utilized for paying the salaries of the lecturers and other non-teaching staffs.

Chandrakot Campus aims at providing quality education at par with famous colleges located in the cities of the country. It is, however, a great uphill task at the present financial situation which hinders for employing highly qualified teaching faculties and establishment of physical infra-structures like teaching building, library and sports facilities. Most of the male students whose parents can afford to send their wards to the cities for pursuing college level education, so far most of the students registered in the campus are female students whose parents are hesitant to send their daughters far away from home as well as due to their financial constraints. The establishment of Chandrakot campus has fulfilled the aspirations of the economically poor and socially backward students, in particular female students, who were deprived of university level higher education in the absence of a college in the region.

At present Chandrakot Campus is running classes temporarily in the building basically owned by Udaya Higher Secondary School. Proposals have been submitted to the donor agencies for the construction of its own teaching building in 14 ropani(0.701 Hectare) land owned by it.

Chandrakot campus is a non-profitable institution. It is managed by the Management Committee which is elected by the General body meeting comprising of members from 11 Village Development Committees of Chandrakot region. The General body meeting also elects an Advisory Committee and Invitee Members.

Mr. Him Bahadur Chhetri who holds post graduate degree in pure Mathematics, former lecturer of Mathematics in Trichandra Campus and Amrit Science Campus, has been voluneering as the Campus Chief of Chandrakot Campus since its inception on the request of local community.