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Knowledge and Wisdom Academy Secondary School

Knowledge and Wisdom Academy Secondary School

Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Nepal
  • Kathmandu,
  • Kathmandu,

Knowledge and Wisdom Academy Secondary School is located at New Baneshwor, Kathmandu. The school is running excellently under the Management of K and K Educational Foundation  It is affiliated with National Examination Board (NEB) and offers Ten plus two (10+2) programs in Management and Humanities streams.   

It has been successfully imparting insightful education since 2002 A.D. and has been bringing about a distinct change in every student through the process of personal grooming with the virtues of knowledge and wise decision making.

Knowledge and Wisdom Academy Secondary School embarks on individual attention and problem solving to ensure complete academic and personal development. The goal of the school is to validate personal touch for optimum enhancement.

The school caters to the demand of parents and students in the higher secondary level by providing quality education and guaranteeing top class graduates. It has a mission to promote education and research to foster excellence in higher secondary level programs, to recruit the best teachers and to enhance the quality of the students experience.

Knowledge and Wisdom Academy Secondary School offers advanced equipment and state of the art facilities paired with a team of highly competitive faculty members. It develops the students as global citizens with strong interpersonal skills who will interact positively with people from all cultural backgrounds and adapt to ever-changing international conditions.

Through a rigorous, immersive, curriculum, Knowledge and Wisdom Academy Secondary School nurtures the students’ critical thinking skills and pique their intellectual curiosity, preparing them for personal and academic success at the school and beyond. It inspires all students to become independent thinkers and to develop their confidence by expanding minds and broadening perspectives.