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Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh

Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh

Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Nepal
  • Kathmandu
  • Tripureswor, Kathmandu, Nepal


Eager to do something substantial for the promotion of the eye health, a group of 9 dynamic and enthusiastic individuals, comprising social workers, physicians, industrialists and traders, got together in Kathmandu and turned their serious attention to a national cause and the question at issue. The outcome of their deliberations was the creation of the Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh (NNJS). It was established in 1978 as a National Society for Comprehensive Eye Care under the Health Co-ordination Committee of the Social Services National Co-ordination Council. Later it was strengthened in 1980 as a full fledged non governmental social welfare organization dedicated to facilitate an easy approach to provide all the possible facilities with regard to the treatment of eye patients in Nepal.

The NNJS extends is co-operations towards the application and fulfillment of National Program and Policies of Government of Nepal aimed at the well being of the eye patients. The NNJS is a non-profit making, non-governmental, welfare oriented social organization to represent Government of Nepal and the Social Welfare Council of Nepal in the sphere of eye care activities.


A Nepal where no one is blind due to avoidable causes and everyone can  access comprehensive and equitable Eye care systems in the country.


To develop and provide high quality, sustainable, comprehensive and affordable eye care service network in the country by identifying and mobilizing local, national and international resources, and to attain multi-sectoral partnership in order to provide eye care services to all segments of population without any discrimination, by maintaining equity, efficiency, and excellence.


SNDistrictName of PresidentCommitteeContact Number
1AchhamMr. Prem Singh BaniyaAd Hoc Committee9851012288(c/oDr.Dinesh)
2ArghakhachiMr. Dal Bdr. K.C.District Committee077-420165 (9857061008)
3BaglungMr. Dhurba K.C.District Committee068-522285 (9857621285)
4Baitadi Mr. Bishnu Dutta JoshiDistrict Committee9848512266
5BankeMr. Ratan Kumar TondonDistrict Committee081-520059
6BardiaMr. Gopal Pd. Poudyal District Committee9848154651
7Bhojpur Mr. Tej MoktanDistrict Committee029-420218 (9819306612)
8ChitwanMr. Krishna Raj DharelDistrict Committee9855060516
9Dang Mr. Krishna giriDistrict Committee9847823118
10DhadingDr. Ram Hari RegmiDistrict Committee9841324245
11DhankutaMr. Drona GuragainDistrict Committee9852050120
12DotiMr. Govinda Joshi District Committee9848434888
13GorkhaMr. Ram Kumar ShresthaDistrict Committee9846070446
14GulmiMr. Sher Bdr. ThapaDistrict Committee079-520129 (9857027864)
15HumlaMr. Nar Bahadur Rokaya District Committee9848318081
16IllamMr. Indra PhuyalDistrict Committee9852680138
17JumlaMr Dhana Bdr. BasnetDistrict Committee087-520032 (9848327142)
18KailaliMr. Divya Pd. PantDistrict Committee(9848415077) 9865730805
19kalikotMr. Khadananda PandeyDistrict Committee9848415077
20KanchanpurDr. Bhoj Raj PantDistrict Committee9856750510
21KapilvastuMr. Ramesh SharmaDistrict Committee9857050898
22KaskiMr. Krishna Bdr. GurungDistrict Committee9856024551
23KathmanduMr. Rajkumar RajbhandariDistrict Committee9851126252
24KhotangMr. Indra KasajuDistrict Committee9842952199
25LalitpurMr. Prabin DhunganaAd hoc committee9851023356
26MahottariMr. Deepak Kumar MishraDistrict Committee9844029876
27MyagdiMr. Amar BaniyaDistrict committee9857640050
28MorangMr. Vijaya Hari SharmaDistrict Committee021-524031 (9842020899)
29MuguMr. Tilak Malla District Committee9851162210
30NawalparasiMrs. Manju KandelDistrict Committee078- 539512 (9849040301)
31NawalpurMr. Bisnu Pd. LamsalDistrict Committee9857040010
32PalpaMr. Chakor Man ShakyaDistrict Committee9847029357
33ParsaMr. Madhu RanaDistrict Committee051-523205 (9845037282)
34PyuthanMr. Keshav KarmacharyaDistrict Committee9857821471
35RautahatMr. Bijay Kumar SinghAd hoc committee9855040632
36RukumMr. Shiva Ram KhatriDistrict Committee9857821508
37RupendehiMr. Sagar Pratap RanaDistrict Committee071-520555 (9857020111)
38SankhuwashavaMr. Shyam Sundar Udas District Committee029-560161 (9852023684)
39SarlahiMr. Amar Nath JaiswalDistrict Committee9844032955
40SirahaMr. Padma N. ChoudharyDistrict Committee033-560240 (9741076570)
41TaplejungMr. Mukti Raj poudyalDistrict Committee9842660204
42UdayapurMr. Bhagwat RautDistrict Committee9851111188