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Amppipal Hospital

Amppipal Hospital

Amppipal Hospital, Palungtar Municipality – 11, Gorkha, Nepal
  • Nepal
  • Gorkha
  • Amppipal, Gorkha
  • Amppipal Hospital, Palungtar Municipality – 11, Gorkha, Nepal ,Amppipal
  • Amppipal
  • 00977-9846-208709

A local committee steers the governmental Amppipal Hospital. The district government plans 14 beds for Amppipal. In reality, due to the high demand 46 beds are available. In Gorkha district there are only two hospitals for 350.000 inhabitants: Amppipal and Gorkha. The hospital’s budget comprises income from the treatment fees as well as donations from Nepalmed (see graphics). A volatile contribution comes from the Nepalese government. Also the municipality of Amppipal contributes a little. United Mission to Nepal still gives a small amount for the pharmacy.

Today, between 55 and 110 patients visit the hospital every day. The most common diagnoses at the hospital are asthma and chronic bronchitis, diarrhoea, typhoid fever, worms, feverish infections. Frequently you find alcoholism and depression. The hospital offers out-patient as well as in-patient services. Facilities include modern digital x-ray, diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound and laboratory medicine. Furthermore the hospital offers eye care, dental treatment, family planning, maternity care and vaccinations. The vaccine for children is free of charge. During OPD-hours (= Outpatient Department) a video programme shows various topics of health education.