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B.P. Eye Foundation, Children's Hospital for Eye, ENT and Rehabilitation Services (CHEERS)

B.P. Eye Foundation, Children's Hospital for Eye, ENT and Rehabilitation Services (CHEERS)

Lokanthali, Bhaktapur, Nepal
  • Nepal
  • Bhaktapur
  • Lokanthali, Bhaktapur
  • Lokanthali, Bhaktapur, Nepal , Lokanthali,
  • Lokanthali,
  • [email protected]
  • +977 01-6631705, 6639736

About BPEF

B.P. Eye Foundation (BPEF), established in 1991, is a Nepalese national non-governmental organization, formally registered with appropriate national authorities. It works in the area of Health, Education and Empowerment of people with disability. In its early years the Foundation focused its attention on expansion and improvement in quality of eye care services through training of Ophthalmologists and Optometrists. The Foundation established a center of excellence - B.P. Koirala Lions Center for Ophthalmic Studies at Institute of Medicine which has turned out 110 ophthalmologist (which is three Quarter of all Nepali ophthalmologists) and 75 Optometrist (85% of all Nepali Optometrists) who are now key personnel manning all the eye hospitals of Nepal and have earned Nepal a reputation and niche in global eye health.

In recent years the foundation’s focus has shifted to children’s health, with sensory impairment as an entry point, and it has successfully established  Hospital for children, Eye, ENT and Rehabilitation Services (CHEERS) in Bhaktapur. CHEERS started providing clinical and rehabilitative services in December 2012, and so far has shown promising results in terms of screening disabilities, key actor trainings, treatment of the treatable disabling conditions, and enabling 26 blind children between ages of 3 to 6 years to integrate in normal governmental schools through rehabilitation for the first time in the country, opening the doors to early childhood development which had remained closed hitherto.