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Blue Horizon Hotel

Blue Horizon Hotel

KesharMahal Marg Thamel,Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Nepal
  • Kathmandu
  • KesharMahal Marg Thamel,Kathmandu

The Iconic Budget Hotel in Nepal which is famous to explore the Eco Tourism in Nepal

Many travelers try to escape from the frenetic pace of a crowded city like Kathmandu to search the solace. The colorful mansion with aromatic gardens and airy corridors has provided the peaceful protection of choice since 1992 as a budget 3-star hotel in Nepal. It became the very old budget hotel in Thamel which is a touristic area at Kathmandu so it became always busy and something like an institution. The gate of the hotel is very easy to know and there is close everywhere except the gate.

Blue Horizon has the diverse features regarding cost and the room category so it is affordable to all budgets, from those looking for more luxury, volunteers, scholars and others sorts of travelers. Whether you are coming from any postmodern county or the pastureland or the mountain please just enter at garden relax at the courtyard restaurant, order a cup of fine Italian coffee or a chilled Gorkha or Everest  Beer, and escape for a moment in the historic surroundings of Kathmandu.

Blue Horizon Garden is the most gripping outdoor restaurant in Thamel.  The inside sanctuary and guests enjoy the peace and serenity of the garden often spending the whole day reading, sun bathing and simply enjoying the natural beauty with good food.

We offer the Continental, Chinese and Indian food with typical Nepali food. We also serve the world famous Mountain Coffee. We have very new and demanding menu so we serve accordingly and we can customize your desire as well.