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Brihaspati College

Brihaspati College

Goligadh-9, Siddharthanagar, Bhairahawa, Rupandehi, Nepal
  • Nepal
  • Bhairahawa,
  • Goligadh-9, Siddharthanagar, Bhairahawa, Rupandehi,

Brihaspati College was founded in 2056 B.S to produce the prospective managers of Nepal with the latest principles, practices and technologies of modern management from around the world. The institution has achieved an unparallel success in its spare and is now the No. 1 institution of this kind. About 400 students have successfully completed their BBA program from this institution who are now offering their valuable services to different national and international business organizations. Most of them are hired by banks and other financial institutions. Thus, for this area Brihaspati College is the synonym of the educational excellence and professional dedication.

Brihaspati College and secondary school is a by product of a team of pure academician having a long teaching experience. The higher secondary level of Brihaspati was established in 2053, school level in 2054, BBA level in 2056 and BBS In 2062 to provide education from school level to Bachelor level. The unique character of the Brihaspati is the dedication to education as a means to perfection and as a search for human values. We have the consistent achievement not only in education but also in extra curricular activities. Thus it enjoys the reputation of being an outstanding education institution. The college takes pride at the unparalleled achievements and commits to propel this academic excellence to newer heights.