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Maharajgunj,Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Nepal
  • Kathmandu
  • Maharajgunj,Kathmandu
  • Maharajgunj,Kathmandu, Nepal ,Maharajgunj
  • Maharajgunj
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  • +977 14721500, +977 14721900


DI Skin Health And Referral Center (DISHARC) was registered as the first skin hospital and research center in Nepal, established in 2009 at Maharajgunj, Kathmandu, Nepal. DISHARC was established under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Anil Kumar Jha, founder chairman and the first prof. of dermatology of the country as well as a prominent international personality in the field of dermatology. DISHARC is the center of excellence in skin, hair and nail diseases. DISHARC facilitates a wide range of services like out patient consultancy, dermato pathology, dermato-surgery, laser and light therapies. Patients from all 75 districts visit DISHARC for consultancy. Apart from Nepal, DISHARC also extends its online service in more than 50 countries. DISHARC is devoted to serve the deprived and unreached grass root level community through telehealth services in Nepal


DI Skin Health And Referral Center (DISHARC) is the first skin hospital of Nepal and is one of the best skin health care provider of Nepal. DISHARC since 2009 has been continuously improving the quality of care in terms of consultation, infrastructure and technology in order to satisfy the patients and meet the international standards. DISHARC incorporates well known and proficient team of 11 dermatologists, pathologists and physicians well managed by a dexterous team of management. DISHARC has an area of 15000 square feet at present located in the embassy area of Kathmandu. The hospital has an OPD capacity of 300 to 400 patients per day served by a team of 15 doctors and 30 management staffs. It has be been fully functional since 2010. DISHARC has alreadry served more than hundred thousand patients till date and has performed more than thirty thousand minor and major dermatosurgeries.


Provide quality skin care service in dermatology to all patients.  Start post graduate and derma nursing with the affiliation of internationally recognized universities.  Publish research articles based on scientific research to improve the quality of Dermatology care in this region.


DISHARC has responsibilities to provide quality dermatology care/community dermatology service to all citizens of the country in affordable price.  There is a big demand of qualified doctors in the field of dermatology and DISHARC has to play important role to fulfill the need of such manpower (medical, paramedical) by starting post graduate degree in dermatology with the affiliation of internationally famous institute and focus on research on relevant subject and publish in different journals to provide better care in dermatology.


To start collaboration with other institution inside and outside the country to offer high quality individualized diagnosis and therapy of skin disease, as well as patient education in skin care and prevention of skin disease. to provide a high level of teaching and training in dermatology at the pre- and post-graduate level. To perform innovative basic and clinical research with the ultimate aim of contributing to improved patient-care. To foster constructive collaboration and networks with private practitioners as well as primary and secondary institutional care providers. By fulfilling this mission we aim to position our department among the leading Dermatology Departments in South East Asia.


To complete construction of DISHARC Building 2019. To start a derma nursing and PG program till 2020.

To start to publish scientific journals from 2018. To organize a international conference on e-health in 2018 successfully. To establish different departments within dermatology/ dermato surgery, leprosy, dermapathology, std department, paediatric dermatology department etc. To establish the first a well equipped e-health center in Nepal.  To serve  400 plus patients per day in New DISHARC building from its opening in 2019. Provide optimal, ethical and patient-centered medical care, Establish and maintain clinical knowledge, skills and attitudes appropriate to dermatologic practice. Perform a complete and appropriate assessment of a patient and use preventive and therapeutic dermatologic interventions effectively. Demonstrate proficient and appropriate use of procedural skills, both diagnostic and therapeutic and seek appropriate consultation from other health professionals, recognizing the limits of one’s expertise.

Additional goals are :

  • Patient Experience: DISHARC staff’s goal is to make feel all the patients that they meet best physician visit ever. We hope to elevate the bar in delivering an authentic patient experience. We strive to treat every patient with respect, value, and privacy. We feel privileged that you have entrusted your care at DISHARC and take that responsibility very seriously.
  • Patient Safety: Your safety is our highest priority. DISHARC has committed to an education and staff resources to exceed current standards for patient safety. DISHARC will have a board-certified dermatologist and completed a cosmetic surgery fellowship as a commitment to patient safety during aesthetic procedures. DISHARC will utilizes minimally invasive techniques and local anesthesia to avoid the risks associated with procedures performed under general anesthesia.
  • Patient Education & Communication: Our goal is to explain treatment options, risks, benefits, and alternatives of treatment for each of patients concerns. Patient education leads to treatment success. Our staff and Doctors are available to answer patient questions in clinic and after hours. Patients care does not end once you leave our clinic, it continues with complete follow-up care.

DISHARC is committed to providing comprehensive and unparalleled dermatologic care in a welcoming and engaging environment. DISHARC seeks to make each patient experience unique by combining superior patient safety and privacy standards in treating dermatologic and cosmetic concerns. DISHARC strives to combine the best of the art of medicine with the latest advances in research and technology in formulating individualized treatment plans to achieve a unique, desired, and aesthetically-pleasing result.