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Mitrapark, Chabahil, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Nepal
  • Kathmandu
  • Mitrapark, Chabahil

About Hospital

Dirghayu Guru Hospital & Research Center Pvt. Ltd. has brought its operation to “CARE” the health of Nepali Citizens. It was registered at Office of the Company Registrar, Nepal Government under reference no 82065/067/068 dated 31st March 2011 and obtained PAN no 30495715. The hospital has got license from Ministry of Health. The Authorized Capital is Rs. 100 million and Paid up capital is Rs. 30 million.

The hospital has brought in operation early January 2014. It aims to meet all healthcare needs to the nation through the wellness program. The hospital is a 55 bedded and provided affordable price for treatment by taking caring of the patient. The hospital provided its service with best quality on care of the patient for wellness, since its operation.

Dirghayu Guru Hospital is your destination for best health care service. It is much closer to city people and easy access to get the hospital. The hospital is friendly environment.

In view of patient monitor and for their treatment, we are using of highly branded equipments with eight ventilators as well as highly equipped three units of OT.

Who we are

The promoters are hospital Doctor itself and other individual promoters are engaged in their own Industrial and Trading business more than a decades.

Similarly, the hospital develops and applies new technology and knowledge to deliver the service to its patient through consulting medical education program in partnership with various service providers.

The hospital has play key role for promoting and improving health service with the community within Nepal. It collaborates with the different entity and foreign partners to delivery health service.

The key person of Neurosurgeon Doctor Prof. Dr. Gopal Raman Sharma, who is coordinator of MCh program as well as Dr. Sharma is associated with Government Hospital namely Bir Hospital. Dr. Sharma is also President of Nepalese Society of Neurosurgeon (NESON). For details, please visit Similarly, the Professor and Doctors are engaged to provide the services.

The objective and vision of the hospital are:


“DIRGHAYU” means long life and the “GURU” is Teacher in Sanskrit word. The definition of hospital name is sufficient to understand in terms of to care our patient as well as to our visitors.


  • To be leaders in healthcare delivery.
  • To research and training.
  • To educate the community in health service.


  • Patient caring is our motto.
  • Effective and quality service.
  • To upgrade the status of health services.
  • To support the people for health service with affordable cost.
  • To support the government as per the policy in health services.

The hospital is providing following services in one door;

  • Hospital Service
  • Acupuncture
  • Pathology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Radiology

Medical Service

  • Anesthesia Acupuncture
  • Cardiology CTVS
  • ENT Unit Family Physician
  • Gastroenterology General Surgery
  • General Physician Gynecology
  • Orthopedic Nephrology
  • Neuro Psychiatry Nero spine
  • Neurosurgery Oncology
  • Pathology Pediatric
  • Physiotherapy Radiology
  • Urology

The hospital is applying branded equipment in ICU, OT, CT, Endoscopy, Colonoscopy ad bronchoscope.

News & Updates

We have introduced the hospital by providing free health camp with minor operation procedure as well as other medical investigation facility in eastern/southern site of Nepal. We have facilitated the prayer by providing health service during the festival seasons. Accordingly, we have also supported to Hyatt Regency Kathmandu Hotel by providing medical health services and other institution.

Earthquake in Nepal

We have provided medical service and major operation during Megha earthquake on April 2015 free of cost.

Manpower Strength

The hospital has managed well manpower in every sector

Future Planning

  • To enhance the present strength level, we are planning to install MRI machines for smooth operation of hospital.
  • We are planning to provide practical practice to medical nursing student.