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Kimdol Marg, Chhauni, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Nepal
  • Kathmandu,
  • Kimdol Marg, Chhauni
  • Kimdol Marg, Chhauni, Kathmandu, Nepal ,Kimdol Marg, Chhauni
  • Kimdol Marg, Chhauni
  • [email protected]
  • +977 -1- 4289245/4038282

The Pre-School Specialist

We offer programs that are developmentally appropriate and foster all-round development with an integral approach,helping yourchild grow physically, intellectually,emotionally and socially. Our curriculum is packed with real-world, concrete, sensory experiences where the young learners can touch, see, taste, hear and smell, thereby striking an interesting balance between learning and playing.

EuroKids offers both Pre-School and Kindergarten programs.

EuroKids - Your Child's Second Home

This is the first time your child will be stepping out of home and the shadow of your doting care. So, it?s very important to ensure that he feels at home in what will be his first-outside-the-home environment. At EuroKids Chhauni, we have taken special care to provide an environment that is stimulating and helps in your child?s overall growth. Emphasis has also been laid on the comfort of the children, which reflects clearly in the

  • Colourful fun rooms
  • Age-appropriate furniture
  • Non-toxic toys
  • Interactive books and puppets