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Far-western University

Far-western University

Mahendranagar,Kanchanpur, Nepal
  • Nepal
  • Kanchanpur
  • Mahendranagar,Kanchanpur
  • Mahendranagar,Kanchanpur, Nepal ,Mahendranagar
  • Mahendranagar
  • 977(99)520729 977(99)520727
  • 977(99)520729 977(99)520727

Far-western University was established in 2010 by the Act of the Parliament of Government of Nepal. Administratively Far-western University came into operation after the appointment of the university officials in 2011 AD. 

Far-Western university is launching its undergraduate programs under the faculties of  management, education, humanities and social sciences, and science and technology ( computer science to begin with) from the current academic session in collaboration with Siddhanath Multiple Campus as the campus merging process in underway.

All the undergraduate programs are of four- year duration under the semester system except  the BBS program which will still follow the yearly system.