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Glacier International College

Glacier International College

Shantinagar, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Nepal
  • Kathmandu
  • Shantinagar

About Us

Glacier International SS/College was established in 2066 by a group of professionals academicians with a mission to impart international based quality education to the students to bring change in the bahavior, conduct, attitude and perspective of looking at the world and people around them. It does not only empower them with academic knowledge and skills but also encourage and motivate them to become better human beings. GIC is making all its effort to achieve new goal, reach new height and score measurable and visible success in the field of college education through the strams of Science, Management and Humanities. It aims to promote the academic level of the country with fast changing trend of the world and prepares the human manpower with the skills to accept the global challenges and fits the needs of the present day world.

With the establishment, Glacier has made commitmets to provide creative, useful and practical education in various fields. There are plenty of challenges ahead and we have plans to face them squarely. Our march forward is assured also because the communities of parents, students and well wishers have always been supportive and active to engage with us in our promotional activities that targets to bring their dream come true.

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