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Global School of Science

Global School of Science

Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Nepal
  • Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu

Global School of Science (GSS) is a sister concern of Global College of Management under Professional Educators Limited, is an excellent center for education which prepares every individual to grow with science and technology as valuable knowledge assets of life within the emerging fast-paced scientific cultures. 

GSS operates secondary science in a tie with most reputable and respected national and international academic benchmarks that disseminate science education fully pertinent with Nepal's national goals in pair with international curricula and consistently updated syllabus allowing innovation in teaching-learning approaches, patterns, and systems. An exclusive center of Science Global School of Science (GSS) offers Ten Plus Two (10+2) in Science under the affiliation of National Examination Board (NEB).

Modeled for quality in science, Global School of Science (GSS) conducts overall pedagogy with academic approaches in a learning environment that encourage students for outstanding performance in science not merely to perform in exams but also for practices leading to new discoveries of thought, knowledge, ideas, skills as idealized to developing 21st-century scholarship.

The GSS learning environment is well coordinated in providing learners with an exposure to changing perspectives as essential for today's and future generations to surge into tomorrow's local and global contexts.

GSS academic approaches are student-centered based on a principle of constructivism with practices that encourage learners to understand science as a significant discipline to combat and successfully cope with 21st-century technology-induced changes and challenges that enable communities of school learners to invent scientific acumen for living through.

Global School of Science (GSS) is framed to offer each of its incumbents an immensely experimental and real-life integrated learning who can look forward to a comprehensive and seamless educational experience within the science program and beyond.