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HRIT Academy

HRIT Academy

Basundhara chauki, Kanti Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Nepal
  • Kathmandu
  • Basundhara chauki, Kanti Marg, Kathmandu

HRIT Academy, one of the premier learning institute of the nation is centrally located at Basundhara Chauki, Kantimarg. The learning at HRIT Academy is student-centered and goes beyond the textbook and classroom activities.

HRIT Academy offers Ten Plus Two in Humanities, Management and Law streams under the affiliation of National Examination Board (NEB). The college feels discipline; dedication and devoting are key to success are turn individual into ideal being. So the students are expected to be well disciplined, cooperative and well behaved with decency and decorum.

An institution which is progressive keeps rules and regulation to a minimum. HRIT strongly believes that rules herein inscribed are for safety of the students and for on order. Students are representative of our college from leaving home until they return and are thus expected to set themselves a high standard of behaviors both inside and outside of college.

It is to develop highly potential, professional and disciplined pupils to complete current updates in their field, HRIT desires to train students with current technology and motivate them to take up research problems and innovation associated with professional personality development programs to meet the challenges in this competitive manner. 

The College equally encourages high standards of professional conducts and ethics by providing quality education on par with global standards. Thus, imparting quality based value education is foresight and vision of HRIT academy.


The mission of the HRIT Academy is to produce and prepare complete manpower to excel in any types of tests and exams of their life, including social, moral and realistic values. The college's priceless strive is to let students grow up as responsible citizens of society and globe. HRIT is known for extraordinary faculties, distinguished researchers, scholars and experts.

The courses are designed to maximize productivity and enhance competency through the acquisition of subject knowledge and practical skills. HRIT promotes abilities through balance, coherent and comprehensive curriculum appropriate to student’s needs and value students as individual and member of the college. The college wants to develop them with intellectualism, facilitate for overall personality and inspire them to explore their potential.


  • Professionalism, transparency and accountability
  • Respect towards equality and diversity
  • Commitment towards excellence
  • Responsiveness to stakeholders
  • Up gradation of services to match market requirements