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Surya Binayak-7, Gundu, Bhaktapur, Nepal
  • Nepal
  • Bhaktapur
  • Surya Binayak-7, Gundu, Bhaktapur

Kathmandu World School (KWS) was established in 2018 as a privately owned educational institution located in Surya Binayak-7, Gundu, Bhaktapur, Nepal. It is affiliated to National Examinations Board (NEB) for ten plus two programs. It is a group of leading Nepalese educationists and entrepreneurs has collaborated to establish a semi-residential school of an international standard in order to provide a high-quality holistic education for boys and girls of five to nineteen years.

Thus, Kathmandu World School (KWS) situated at a serene and peaceful location, conducive to creating a unique learning environment. Located approximately 12 kilometers away from the Kathmandu city, the school provides a full-fledged high school programme from grades 1 to 12 (ten plus two) following the National Curriculum of Nepal. It is also planning to offers Cambridge International A Level programme under the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), University of Cambridge, UK.

The school possesses world–class infrastructure supported by the state–of–the–art facilities. The buildings and facilities are spread over 55 Ropanis of land, endowed with abundant natural beauty. The school campus is bordered by lush green forested areas on the north, east and south and local residences on the west of the school. The first phase of construction has been completed while the entire project is tentatively scheduled to attain completion by February 2019. The school will have a total capacity of 1,200 students of which there is provision for 400 students to reside in the school hostel once the school becomes fully operational.


To become a top-notch school with a reputation for educational excellence in both Nepal and the region within seven years.


To create a learning culture where all learners are fully engaged in holistic, meaningful and innovative learning experiences in a caring and collaborative learning community, supported by partnerships with parents and families. Its emphasis will be on providing valued–based education in an intellectually stimulating learning environment, imparted by professionals trained in progressive teaching-learning approaches, to transform the young learners into knowledgeable, confident, responsible and proactive individuals with an international-mindedness and a passion for lifelong learning. It aims to prepare individuals who can face the challenges in a complex and interconnected global community.