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Krua Thai Nepal Restaurant

The food is reasonably authentic (ie spicy), with good curries, Green Curry, Red Curry, tom yam soup and papaya salad, Fish � fried, Steam Fish snapper & Trout although some dishes taste more than Thai.

Tangal Peace Cafe
  • Nepal
  • Kathmandu
  • Tangal Peace Cafe, Chhauni

The Krua Thai


We have been serving the finest ingredients in order to blend with authentic Thai flavors to our customers since 1997.

Our restaurant is family-owned and operated and have been sharing delightful flavors.

Featured Delicacies

Tom Yum


Delicious soup with bamboo shoot, mushroom, veggies and prawn tingles your taste bud

Pad Thai

Stir fried Thai Noodles with Dried shrimps & Eggs.

Tom Yam Koong/Kai

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Khao Klook Kapi Kai /Moo

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Some of the best reviews that we have got from our customers.

I like the warm atmosphere and melodious music, suitable for families,friends and romantic couples.

Nina Phimseni

Lovely breakfasts, fresh lunches and delicious dinners with varieties of Thai and continental cuisine

Victor Thapa

Very friendly environment. I tasted all of their cuisine the Nepali, the indian and the best Thai.

Pooza Aryal

Beautiful place, pleasing atmosphere and tasty food served with smile on face...

Adhip Pradhan

We also accept UNO ,
VISA and MasterCard

Or Call Us : 01-4424751 ,014438540