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Lumbini Eye Institute: Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh

Lumbini Eye Institute: Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh

Siddhartha Nagar-3 Rupandehi-32901Lumbini Zone,NEPA
  • Nepal
  • Rupandehi
  • Siddhartha Nagar-3 Rupandehi-32901
  • Siddhartha Nagar-3 Rupandehi-32901Lumbini Zone,NEPA ,Siddhartha Nagar
  • Siddhartha Nagar
  • [email protected]
  • +977 71 523827, +977 71 520668

LEI Objectives

The primary objectives of LEI is to provide high quality and high volume eye care services in affordable form to the rural population through multi pronged approaches. Germinating from this broad objective, LEI have following sub-set of objectives:

  1. To develop LEI as a centre of excellence for advance referral with multi-specialty services.
  2. To develop Lumbini Eye Institute (LEI) as a centre of excellence of producing qualitative high ophthalmic manpower as well as center of community ophthalmology, offering various training for the community at large.
  3. To contribute in the achievement of national self-reliance in eye health care.

LEI Values

LEI believes that, while honesty and integrity are the essential ingredients of strong and stable organization, financial sustainability provides the main spark for the economic activities. Guided in its values and objectives by the philosophy of founder of NNJS, Legendary Dr. Ram Prasad Pokharel, LEI believe in the effective discharge of its duties and obligations towards:


  1. By providing eye care services of high quality at a fair/cost/subsidized and no price.
  2. By fulfilling its commitments towards providing clinical and non-clinical services impartially and courteously in accordance with sound and straightforward service motive.
  3. By earning their continuing confidence in its service delivery and technical competence by improving the quality of service.

Partner and Donor Organization:

  1. By giving full respect to their values, identity and principles.
  2. By adhering to the sound principal of partnership.
  3. By ensuring the utilization of grant for the purpose intended and timely submission of the reports.


  1. By providing advocacy on eye health to sensitize on importance of eye care.
  2. By assessing eye care needs in the community and to make planned intervention programs.
  3. By ensuring community ownership and generating demand with an aim of delivering eye care services for upgrading the eye health of the community at large.
  4. By respecting of local cultures and assuming proper share of social responsibility in the communities in which LECP operates.


  1. By realistic and generous understanding and acceptance of their needs and rights.
  2. By providing adequate compensation for the work, good working conditions and suitable opportunities for promotion and self-development.
  3. By promoting feeling of trust and loyalty throughout the organization.
  4. By creating a sense of belonging and team spirit through their closer association with the management at various levels.
    • An excellent eye hospital to receive eye care services from.
    • An excellent eye institute to get education and training from.
    • An excellent organization to work for.
    • A leading eye care organization in the life of the community and the country.