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Manakamana Boarding School

Manakamana Boarding School

Nadipur, Pokhara, Nepal
  • Nepal
  • Pokhara,
  • Nadipur
  • Nadipur, Pokhara, Nepal ,Nadipur, Pokhara
  • Nadipur
  • 521697 523765

Manakamana Boarding School is located at Nadipur-3, Pokhara. It is a private academic institution. Its peaceful atmosphere presents an ideal surrounding in the pursuit of acquiring quality education by the students.  

In order to provide qualitative education many virtuous souls, progressive hands have joined together and laid the foundation of this school on Magh 1st, 2042 BS (1985 AD). Manakamana Boarding School offers +2 in Management with affiliation from National Examination Board.

This school was started with a view of giving quality education so that the students would get much better education in their own country itself rather than going outside. Manakamana Boarding School is a private academic institution that focuses on student-centered teaching methodology to inspire and foster the goal oriented mentality in students.

The aim and objective of school is to provide cheap and quality education so that the children can compete and tackle the problems of today's challenging world. Besides, nation needs healthy and wealthy citizens for the welfare and development of the country and in order to achieve these goals, Manakamana Boarding School  aims to produce efficient citizens. The school's motto is "SHARE AND GROW TOGETHER".

The school compound which is beautiful with its scenic beauty has an open space consist of 10 ropanies of land, where in a standard size of basketball, volleyball , badminton and TT court are constructed. School has three storied modern building. 

Manakamana Boarding School has faculty members who are keen to provide excellent education that is meaningful and helpful for students to apply in their present and future. The school is run with a motive of producing disciplined, dutiful and ideal environment for the students. School has spacious classrooms with adequate teaching teaching manpower, materials and comfortable seating in the classroom with not more than three students in a bench.