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Mega Bank Nepal Ltd.2

Mega Bank Nepal Ltd.2

Rising Mall, Kamaladi, Kathmandu
  • Nepal
  • Kathmandu
  • Rising Mall, Kamaladi,
  • Rising Mall, Kamaladi, Kathmandu ,Rising Mall, Kamaladi, Kathmandu
  • Rising Mall, Kamaladi,
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With an Authorized Capital of NPR 11.50 Billion, Issued Capital of NPR 10.57 Billion and Paid-Up Capital of NPR 10.38 Billion, Mega Bank Nepal Limited is one of the premier Financial Institution of Nepal consistently living it's Service Pledge to conduct business by continually creating mutually beneficial relationship with all its stakeholders; Customers, Shareholders, Regulators, Communities and Staff. The Bank realizes that its success is directly correlated with the pace at which it fosters its relationship with its stakeholders, so that in every step of its journey, both parties benefit, succeed and grow together.

Following the completion of all regulatory requirements, Nepal Rastra Bank had issued Mega Bank its Operating License on 4th Shrawan, 2067 B.S. and the Bank commenced its operations form 7th Shrawan 2067. Now, the Bank having completed nine years of operations is on its way to realizing the aspirations of 2,396 Promoters who comprise primarily from middle class families spread over more than 63 Districts of Nepal. The Promoters held the vision to establish a national level Class "A" Commercial Bank, which was made a reality by an experienced and able Management Team and staff members driven by a mission to provide Banking Services to the entire economic strata of the Nepalese society from "Halo to Hydro".

“Halo to Hydro” or from “Plough to Power” is the slogan which drives the Mega Team in furthering banking services with excellence.

Currently the Bank has 110 branches, 20 extension counters and 108 ATMs throughout the country in addition to 119 Branchless Banking (BLB) outlets and 2,500+ Mega Remit agents. Mega Bank offers a wide range of Banking Products and financial services to the Corporates, Mid-Corporates, SMEs, Consumers and Micro Customers through a variety of delivery channels.

The Bank is committed to delivering the highest level of professional financial services with a personal touch, not only to those who are already within the formal banking arena but also those who till date, have been outside it. Mega Bank is committed to providing financial solutions to not just the top middle or bottom of the Pyramid, but to strive towards providing financial solutions and economic linkages to the 'Entire Economic Pyramid'.

In line with the Bank's vision to cater to the needs of the people form 'Halo to Hydro – Plough to Power', the Bank has created a separate Mega Micro Banking unit to provide Micro Finance services to the low income and deprived populace of the country. Through this program, the Bank provides small size loans and mobilizes small saving amongst entrepreneurs and low income groups and seeks to provide other Banking products and services that fit their requirements. Bank’s Micro Banking Corporate slogan states: "Financial Inclusion for Economic Empowerment".

Mission And Vision

The seed planted by the Bank's Promoters in their initial deliberations form the core of Mega Bank's Vision, Mission and Values. The ethos driving the institution forward today is the vision and mission of being the Banker of every Nepali, from Halo to Hydro (Plough to Power). With this value of inclusive banking forming the core of the Mega culture, the institution aims to deliver Service Excellence to create mutually beneficial relationships with all our stakeholders.

Each and every member of the Mega Team is committed to delivering Service Excellence and working towards providing five star quality banking to Customers, Shareholders, Regulators, Community and the Staff, creating, building and strengthening relationships of mutual benefit. In order to achieve our Mission the institution is committed to our Mega Values of being Service Centric, Transformational, Action Oriented, Result Focused, and Synergistic (S.T.A.R.S) in everything we do.

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