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Namuna Vidya Mandir Secondary School

Namuna Vidya Mandir Secondary School

Biratnagar-11, Morang, Nepal
  • Nepal
  • Biratnagar
  • Biratnagar-11, Morang
  • Biratnagar-11, Morang, Nepal ,Biratnagar-11, Morang
  • Biratnagar-11, Morang
  • [email protected]
  • 021-527057, 530437

About Us : Introduction

Namuna  Vidya  Mandir Secondary Borading school (NVM), a co-educational institute situated in a beautiful city, Biratnagar, was founded in 2050 by an academician Mr. shiva Prasad Adhikari with concrete motive of imparting contemporary education catering to the burning need of competitive hands and minds. The institution has been serving a very congenial and tranquil environment where students have boundless opportunities to dig out their innermost skill in various realms.


The school has come a long way of plural ups and downs since it came into being about a couple of decades back in 2050 BS with just a handful of students. Now it does have the classes from nursery to grade ten with approximaltely 1200 students – while hopes of the days to come. Presently, the school is running with a harmonous team work of around 75 staff members equally dedicated and devoted to their prolonged mission. The frequent outstanding results in the SLC exams of the yester years have vividly justified that NVM has been an incessant source of enlightment of thousands of students.