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National Cancer Hospital

National Cancer Hospital

Jawalakhel, Lalitpur ,Nepal
  • Nepal
  • Lalitpur
  • Jawalakhel, Lalitpur


NATIONAL HOSPITAL & CANCER RESEARCH CENTER PVT. LTD. (NCH) is one of the first private cancer hospital established in 2009 (2066B.S) with the main goal of providing quality and affordable Cancer Care to the community people. Parallel to the provision of high quality care to the patients from all over the country, National Hospital and Cancer Research Center is committed to the training of the younger generation of specialists to continue in the field of Oncology.

Regarding, Current scenario of Kathmandu, adequate number of general hospitals but cancer specialist hospitals is located in Bhaktapur and recently established private hospitals inside and outside valley. The idea of opening Cancer specialized hospital in Jawalakhel has been playing pivotal role in provision of delegating the services to the needy patients. As the attractiveness and competence is able to gather the support of more people, first small group then gradually other people begin to show interest and hopefully established this hospital. We are proud to say that demand of services provided by us is unexpectedly high within short period of establishment. But unfortunately current factual scenario is that we are unable to provide radiotherapy service, although its demand is high.


  1. On the basis of financial aspects: • Private Limited Hospital
  2. On the basis of clinical aspect: • Cancer Specialist Hospital
  3. On the basis of beds: • 25 bedded
  4. On the basis of system of medicine: • Allopathic Hospital

Our Mission

Improving equitable access to quality cancer care with affordable to all segments of population.

Our Vision

Quality cancer care through competent personnel, world class medical technologies, appropriate physical facilities and support services.