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Bansbari, Kathmandu, Nepal
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  • Bansbari, Kathmandu

The motto of National Institute of Neurological and Allied Sciences is preventing paralysis and disabilities through timely effective treatment for neurological disorders, which are perhaps the least understood but the most devastating medical problems. A patient with potentially paralyzing or life threatening ailment of the brain or the spinal cord can recover completely and return to the society as a productive member if effective treatment is offered in time; if the same treatment was offered late or offered sub-optimally, would survive with disability or die.

Population based studies in the developed countries project the annual requirement for Nepal of neurological consultations of approximately 1.5 million, and that for neurosurgical procedures to be about 25,000. Dismayingly though, the existing facilities in the country, have been able to address less than 10% of this need. Vast majority are therefore currently being left to suffer, get paralysed or seek expensive treatment outside the country.

The goal of the National Institute of Neurological and Allied Sciences is thus, to contribute towards meeting this shortage in services. This centre provides quality neurological services based on the appropriateness of the technology to the socio-economic realities; contribute towards the training of required technical human resource, including neuroscientists; conduct research relevant to the needs of the region, and recommend appropriate evidence based interventions.

Prof. Upendra Devkota is noted to have used his advanced training in the most renowned Neurological Institutes in Glasgow and London, to translate its scientific essence and quality to the local socio economic realities by innovative and ingenious technology. This institute will be instrumental in realising his vision of regional collaboration in all the three facets of neurosciences- service, training and research as expressed by him as the Founder President of the SAARC Neurosurgical Society; and make a mark outside the region as well.