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Nepal Community Development Bank Ltd.

Nepal Community Development Bank Ltd.

Kalikanagar, Butwal – 11, Rupandehi
  • Nepal
  • Rupandehi
  • Kalikanagar, Butwal – 11


Nepal Community Development Bank Ltd. established in 2067 B. S. having its corporate office at Butwal, Rupandehi under the Bank and Financial Institution Act 2073 as a regional Development Bank. Currently, the Bank has operated branches within five districts: Rupandehi, Nawalparasi, Nawalpur,Chitwan and Kapilvastu. The bank aims to expand its business in other districts as per the requirement of community by obtaining approval from central bank. The bank is committed to provide effective, innovative, modern and reliable banking services in the working area, where the banking activities are in short supply.

“A community equipped with financial services”

“Viable banking services for needy and prospective entrepreneurs”


However, the major objective of the bank is to provide prudent banking and financial services to the needy people subject to prescribed by Bank and Financial Institutions Act 2073, Company Act 2063 (Including 1st amendment, 2074), other prevailing Acts and Article and Memorandum of the bank, its specific objectives are:

  1. Subject to the limit prescribed by the Rastra Bank, accepting deposits with or without interest, and refund such deposits;

(b)        Supplying credit, other than hypothecation credit, as prescribed;

(c)        Dealing in foreign exchange, subject to the laws in force and the directives given by the Rastra Bank;

(d)        Supplying credit for hire-purchase, leasing, housing and service business;

(e)        Engaging in merchant banking business, subject to the directives given by the Rastra


(f)        Making arrangements for jointly supplying credits on the basis of co-financing in collaboration with other licensed institutions in accordance with the mutual agreement

entered into for the division of the collateral paripassu;

(g)        Issuing guarantees on behalf of its customers, having such customers execute necessary bonds in consideration thereof, obtaining security, and acquiring their movable or immovable assets as collateral or on mortgage, or the assets of third persons as collateral;

(h)        Issuing, accepting, paying, discounting or purchasing and selling bills of exchange, promissory notes, cheques, travelers cheques, drafts;

(i)         Accepting deposits, making payments and supplying credit through automated teller machines and cash dispensing machines;

(j)         Providing overdraft to persons whom it trusts;

(k)        Obtaining credit against the security of its movable and immovable property;

(l)         Supplying a fresh credit in lump sum or by installment against the security of the same movable or immovable property which has already been furnished with, it to the extent covered by the total value of such security or supplying a fresh credit in lump sum or by installment against the security of the same movable or immovable property which has already been furnished with any other licensed institution as security, to the extent covered by the total value of such security;

(m)      To issue and accept letters of credit, subject to the conditions prescribed by the Rastra Bank;

(n)        Transmitting funds within the State of Nepal through bills of exchange, cheques or other financial instruments, purchasing and selling shares, debentures, bonds, etc., and

Recovering dividends accruing on shares and interest on promissory notes, debentures, bonds, etc.;

(o)        Acting as a commission agent of its customers, taking custody of and arranging for the sale or purchase of shares, debentures or securities, collecting interests,  dividends, profits etc. accruing from shares, debentures or securities;

(p)        Purchasing, selling or accepting bonds issued by the Government of Nepal or the Rastra Bank;

(q)        Arranging for safe deposit vaults;

(r)        Carrying on off-balance sheet transactions on such conditions as may be prescribed by the Rastra Bank;

(s)        Supplying credits not exceeding the amount prescribed by the Rastra Bank, against individual or collective guarantee, for the economic upliftment of the destitute class, low-income families, victims of natural calamities and inhabitants in any area of the country;

(t)         Exchanging with the Rastra Bank or any other licensed institutions particulars of, information or notices on debtors or customers who have obtained credits from it or

other licensed institutions;

(u)        Providing guarantee for the supply of credit to its customers by any other licensed institution;

(v)        Mobilizing capital through shares, debentures, bonds, loan-bonds, saving-bonds or other financial instruments within the limit prescribed by the Rastra Bank;

(w)       Obtaining refinance credit from the Rastra Bank as per necessity, or obtaining or supplying credits to or from other licensed institutions;

(x)        Supplying funds received from the Government of Nepal or other native or foreign agencies as credits for the promotion of projects, or managing such credits;

(y)        Doing, or causing to be done, study, research and survey work relating to the establishment, operation and evaluation of projects, and providing training, consultancy and other information;

(z)        Writing off credits, subject to the bye-laws framed by the Board;

(aa)      Prescribing conditions, as required, in order to protect its interests while supplying credits to any persons or institutions or doing any transaction with them;

(bb)      Supplying installment or hire-purchase credit to any person, firm, company or institution for motor vehicles, machinery, tools, equipment, durable household goods or  similar other movable property;

(cc)      Operating projects such as purchase of lands and construction of buildings for land development and residential purposes, and selling and managing, or cause to be sold and managed, such lands and buildings;

(dd)      Performing such other functions as may be prescribed by the Nepal Rastra Bank.

“Satisfied customer and efficient delivery makes bank worthwhile”


  1. Transparent, reliable and prompt service delivery approach.
  2. Community development partner of locality.
  3. Income generating small and medium sized productive credit and inclusiveness.
  4. Partnership with development agencies and civil societies.
  5. Technology based banking services.
  6. Committed to the corporate social responsibility.

Capital Structure:
The capital structure of the Bank is as below:

Authorized Capital Rs. 600,000,000.00 (Divided into 6,000,000 equity share of Rs.100.00 each)
Issued Capital Rs. 52,63,94,900.00 (Divided into 5,263,949 equity share of Rs.100 each)
Paid up Capital Rs. 52,63,94,900.00 (Divided into 5,263,949 equity share of Rs.100 each)


Promoters of the bank are belonging from the diversified area shaving high social profile in their corresponding areas. The present Board of Directors is composed of seven members including one as an Independent Professional Director.

Activities of the bank:

The bank has wide range of deposit products. We provide comparatively higher interest rates in working area. The account of senior citizen, women and children's are highly prioritized and given highest interest rate. Major deposit and lending products as well non funded and other activities designed to different age, gender; profession and regional group are as follow:


Deposit Products:





Non Credit Customer Current Account

Credit Customer Current Account







NCD Saral Bachat Khata

NCD Baideshik Rojgar Bachat Khata

NCD Dhanarjan Khata

NCD Super Saving Khata

NCD Balbalika Bachat Khata (For children under 16 years)

Ama-Chhori Bachat Khata ( for Female)

NCD Sahara Bachat Khata (for senior citizens above 60 year old))

Sharedhani Bachat Khata (for shareholders)

Karmachari Bachat Khata

Staff Account (for NCDBL Staffs only)

Sarwottam Bachat Khata




3 Months

6 Months

100 Days

1 Year & Above


Institutional Call Account


Loan Products:


Loan Products

Business & Project Loan

SME Loan ( Term /Overdraft)

Project Loan ( Term /Overdraft)



Priority Sector Loan

Agricultural Loan (Term/Overdraft)

Yuba Swarojgar Karja 

Nabikaraniya Urja Karja 

Grameen Prayatan Bikas Karja 

Deprived Sector Loan (Wholesale)

Deprived Sector Loan (Retail)


Hire Purchase Loan

HP Consumer

HP Commercial

HP Motorcycle


Home Loan

HL-Tenure up to 5 years

HL-Tenure up to 10 years

HL-Tenure up to 15 years

HL-Tenure up to 20 years






Other Loan

Educational Loan

Baideshik Rojgar Karja

Samajik Karja

Sewa Byawasaya Karja

Easy Mortgaged Loan -Overdraft

Easy Mortgaged Loan-Term

Real-estate Loan

Demand Loan

Loan Against Government Securities & Bonds

Loan Against Shares (Margin Lending)

Loan Against NCDBL Fixed Deposit

Consortium Loan


Non-Funded and other Banking Activities:

  1. Issuance of various types of Bank Guarantee
  2. ATM/Debit Card Facility
  3. Locker Facility
  4. Evening Counter Service
  5. Life & Non Life Insurance Service
  6. SMS Banking Facility
  7. Foreign Exchange (Cash/TC) Transaction
  8. Mobile/Telephone Recharge and Utility Bill Payment Service
  9. Marketing and Business Research
  10. Financial Counseling Service
  11. Merchant Banking Service
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