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Department of Dermatology
Acne, Post Acne Scar, Melasma, 
Wrinkles, Mole, Warts, Skin Tags, 
Tattoo Removal, Freckles, Wide Pores, 
Birth Marks, Excessive Hair,
Treatment of all kind Skin, Hair,Nail, 
Skin Biopsy & Sexually Transmitted Infection.

Department of Dental
Cosmetic, Prosthetic, Minor, Surgical, 
Perio, Fixed & Orthodontic Treatment

Department of Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery
Eye Lid Surgery such as Mongolian,Nose & 
Ear correction, Scar Revision Surgery etc.


Basic Beauty Tips For Face
If you want brighter skin, it is very important to take care of the various aspects of skin care. As there are several things to cover, we have divided the article into various sub sections for your convenience. Feel free to skip to the section that is relevant to you.

1. Beauty tips for oily skin:

This is the most troublesome skin type to have. The troubles are countless, but when maintained right, this skin type can have a certain glow and charm that is breath taking.

Common troubles:

The common problems include coarse skin with enlarged visible pores and a dull appearance due to the over production of oil in the skin. This in turn gives a shiny and greasy sheen. Frequent acne and blemishes, blackheads, white heads and dark spots are also some of the common problems of oily skin.

Simple tips:

Maintain a healthy diet including lots of raw veggies and fruits; avoid oily and junk food.

Always keep your face clean. This helps in keeping away excessive oiliness and acne.

2. Beauty tips for dry skin:

If you think oily skin is a pain, then let us tell you that having dry skin isnt a walk in the park either. Dry skin gets very uncomfortable, especially in the winters and in extreme cold temperatures. This results in intense pain and unsightly appearance when not taken care of properly.

Common troubles:

Dry skin usually seems to have fine texture with dullness, but on a closer look there may be some flaky or granulated sections particularly around the corners of the mouth, eyes, and forehead. If neglected it will form wrinkles and become more brittle with age.

Simple tips:

Dont use hot water while taking a shower.

Never leave the shower without applying moisturizer.

Pat dry your skin after a shower and always use a soft towel.

3. Beauty tips for combination skin:

With this, we get both the good and bad qualities of oily and dry skin type! Combination skin usually has a mix of both oily characteristics having large pores, a constant shine, and breakouts especially in the T-zone -the forehead, nose, chin area and dry skin characteristics i.e., itching, flakiness, redness on the cheeks.

Common troubles:

You shall face the troubles of both the skin types depending on the climatic conditions and also which skin type is more dominant.

Simple tips:

If have an oily skin type, then your hormones play a great influence over whether or not you end up with combination skin. Here are few very basic things you can do it help your skin look and feel better.

Keep your face clean at all times to prevent oily zones from catching an infection of any kind.

Hunt for the perfect moisturizer for you. These can never be the same for people with this skin type as there will always be variations in the degrees of oiliness and dryness. And once you find it, dont change!

Use the appropriate amount of moisturizer depending on your skins reaction to the climatic conditions. Too much moisturization will cause problems with the oily zone and less of it will cause problems with the dry zone.

Homemade beauty tips for winter
The chill and the cold weather in winter might take a toll on the skin, making it appear lifeless and dry. Having irritated, chapped skin is not only unsightly and painful, but it is more vulnerable to the suns UV rays. No wonder that you need to make special allowances for your clean, delicate skin, and do some pampering to make it happy. However, you need not to pile your shopping bags with tons of skin care products to stay flawless in winter.

Instead, reach out for kitchen remedies that are no less effective yet save on your budget. The chill and the cold weather in winter might take a toll on the skin, making it appear lifeless and dry. Having irritated, chapped skin is not only unsightly and painful, but it is more vulnerable to the suns UV rays.

Home-made moisturizing scrub
Make sure to scrub your face clean with a mild exfoliator. Consider preparing one at home. It is very easy to prepare, as well.

Grind one cup of sunflower seeds or flaxseed using your coffee grinder or blender.

Keep the ground seed on a big-sized bowl. Add ½ cup of fresh cream. Mix thoroughly.

To use this scrub, wash your face and massage the mixture on wet skin. Leave on for a minute and rinse the face with lukewarm water. Pat dry using a soft towel. To get the best results, you might want to follow up with a moisturizing pack.

Moisturizing mask for all skin types
Scrubbing might make your face a little stretchy. Hence, it is a good idea to moisturize your skin. You can make a moisturizing face pack using ripe papaya, which is so abundantly found in the wintertime.

Peel and seed a small-sized ripe papaya. Mash it well in a bowl using a fork.

Add 1 teaspoon of olive oil to the mashed papaya. Apply the mixture all over your face and neck.

Leave the mixture on your face for about 20 minutes and then wash with warm water. If your skin still needs some more moisturizing, then you might consider using your baby lotion.

Skin toner
No skin-cleaning regimen is complete without a toner. However, given that a commercially-found skin toner can be too harsh on your skin, especially when it is winter, you might want to prepare your own skin-friendly toner using the pulp of aloe vera. Aloe vera plants are, after all, so commonly found everywhere! You might consider growing some on your backyard.