Established in 2055 BS, THE NEW SUMMIT Secondary School (NSSS) is regarded as one of the best private schools in Nepal.  It is known as a vicinity of intellectual pentagon in order to sharpen the creative and critical potentiality of young minds and to enlighten their intellectual horizon.  THE NEW SUMMIT Secondary School is running under the management of KMC Educational Network & UNIVERSAL Educational Foundation since 2073 at Maitidevi, Kathmandu. The team will leave no stone unturned to make our students’ dreams come true.

The school has successfully completed its glorious academic history of 20 years with outstanding performances in SEE (Secondary Education Examinations) and NEB (National Examinations Board). Currently, the school has different academic programs in operation such as Science, Management, Humanities with Fine Arts and General Law. A team of smart, enthusiastic, dynamic and renowned educationists and professionals with different backgrounds, different ideas, different responsibilities, and different interests is working together to provide appropriate quality education and care.  There is no doubt; a teamwork builds trust and the trust builds speed and we will be working together independently towards one goal in unison.


This collaborative step will definitely exploit the natural synergy of the team of dedicated professionals to develop this place as a Center of Excellence in the field of education from pre-primary to class XII. We really want to give our students a holistic environment to imbibe merit of cooperation, collaboration, teamwork, brotherhood and love for all. We also see it as a greater platform for our students’ personal and professional growth, which may bring changes in their thoughts, actions and deeds. We are confident, this unity will become a timely effort in spurring quality education and innovation in Nepal and the team will sincerely continue to remain committed more aggressively to empowering and energizing the students to develop into quality citizens with commitment, positive outlook and leadership abilities.

Our Road-map

  1.  The school has a fixed vision, best on our goals, principles and expectations and we are sure we will get   support from our administration, teachers, staffs, students, parents and community.
  2.  The whole team will remain committed to reach it.
  3.  The school will try to maintain a high academic standard by identifying what students need to know and be     able to do.
  4.  The Principal will try his best to uphold the standard of education by making the learning more caring,   contributing, productive and accountable.  We want to educate hearts and minds of students.
  5.  The school will give emphasis on parents’ participation in all school activities in other to help all children       succeed in school and their lives.  We believe partners bring their own strengths, skills, perspectives and     knowledge to the educational process and they all are welcomed and respected for their contribution.  Parents   are their children’s first and most influential teachers.  They are important for their children’s learning,   healthy development and school success.  Children do better and the school becomes a better place if they are   involved.
  6.  It will also give opportunities for professional development of teachers and staff in order to up-date them by   giving continuous learning opportunities.
  7.  The school will collect and use a verity of information (data) and analyze them so as to improve teaching and   learning activities by identifying areas of excellence and areas of needs. What should our school teach and   how?  And how do we know if we are doing it well?  These are astoundingly important questions we need to   answer with social needs, teachers’ gifts and technology access in mind.
  8.  The main focus of the school will be to encourage students learn how to learn. We want produce   independent students who are capable of managing their own help and well-being and who have the skills   necessary for problem-solving, self-direction, self-motivation, self-reflection, life-long learning, human   relations, and conflict resolution and healthy relationships.
  9.  We should not only teach contents but also teach students to think and to design their own learning pathways,   and create and do extra-ordinary things that are valuable to them in their places.
  10.  We want our students not only understood much but also know what is worth under- standing.
  11.  We want to speak the language of our students and parents.


Montessori Education Wing:

The Montessori Method of education, developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, is a child-centered innovative and scientific educational approach.  It emphasizes independence, freedom within limits, and respects for a child’s natural, psychological, physical, and social development.  Everything here is designed to enhance each child’s natural inquisitiveness and quest to learn.


Montessori Curriculum is planned to nurture cognitive, emotional and social skills during their highly impressionable years.  The aim is, therefore, to focus the child on understanding what is being learned, not just to gather information, as with the traditional education but to explore the environment critically and innovatively.  Despite all this, we acknowledge children’s caliber of teaching self which call auto-education.  That’s why our vigilant teachers are always conscious to inspire to grant them an environment where they can promote their capacity of auto education.


Meanwhile, we are aware that each fragile mind encounters a series of objects, scientifically designed to satisfy the both: need of practical life activity and intellectual hunger of the child in the field of basic understanding of the very many subjects.

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