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Kupondole, Lalitpur,Nepal
  • Nepal
  • Lalitpur
  • Kupondole, Lalitpur


Nightingale College was opened in 2057 B.S. and has been offering Commerce and Science Streams. Due to increasing demand, we have decided to increase the size of the college to accommodate more students from this year.

Our building is cozy and spacious. Our college building comprises of spacious classrooms, a well-stocked library, science laboratories, a meeting room and an office and administration wing. We have a basketball court at the back of the site. Every classroom has a whiteboard and a multimedia projector and OHP are used when required. The classroom resources are all tailor-made to complement the curriculum.

Education is a partnership between home and school and we place a great deal of emphasis on our partnership with parents. We believe that children learn best when home and college work together for their benefit. When your child starts college, it is not where your job ends and ours begins. It is where our job begins and yours continues!

Children coming into the school bring a wealth of knowledge and understanding about the world around them. It is our aim to build on these skills and promote a willingness and enthusiasm to learn more.

We feel proud of outstanding results obtained by our students in HSEB Exams over the years and achievements made by them in various sectors including scholarships in numerous well-known national and international colleges/universities. The motto of this college is “Labore et honore”. Quality education at an affordable cost is our prime concern.


To be a reputable and creditable college, producing quality graduates at a competitive level in line with the international education philosophy.

Nightingale College develops students by providing an environment for personal growth; opportunity, personal attention and career direction. This is in line with our nations inspiration, which is to build generation of professionals catering to a knowledge based economy to meet global needs. The college has also continued its effort to strengthen the curricular and at the same time to explore research area.