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Olympia World Higher Secondary School

Olympia World Higher Secondary School

Shishir Marg, Babarmahal, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Nepal
  • Kathmandu,
  • Shishir Marg, Babarmahal

At Olympia School you can be sure that you are being a part of a distinctly new education center with an exceptionally fresh academic environment. We, including all the good wishers, students and parents, pride ourselves on the high-tech academic excellence by introducing SmartClass Program in Olympia, the first advanced teaching technology ever implemented in Nepal.

We have enhanced several special features to craft this temple of education into unique zone of learning. We hope you all not only join here for short-term education but also co-operate us for establishing Olympia as one of the leading schools with an outstanding reputation in academia across wide ranges of disciplines for long-term.

Our commitment to quality education means that we always try to develop and improve what we offer to the students. We respect individual differences of our students and value each student as a unique individual by supporting personal standards. We produce skilled academics to compete in the present technologically advanced and digitized world.

Moreover, Olympia has well-equipped infrastructure in each classroom with an energetic management body, skillful staff and well-experienced academic personalities. Through the intervention of the young scholastic personalities under the supervision of senior professors, we target to nurture Olympia as an ideal garden of academia apt to 21st century.

We are very much optimistic that we will have the opportunity of welcoming you all and honor with the best wishes to lead youself towards distinctly utmost academic excellence. We anticipate that Olympia will be our shared dream and destination for innovative academics in Nepal.


We at Olympia envision that every student has his/her own potential and we ensure that he/she is provided with every opportunity to make a maximum use of it.


To develop Olympia as a distinct school by implementing the hi-tech education system and produce skilled manpower apt to technologically advanced present academic world.

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