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Pentagon International College

Pentagon International College

Raja Janak Marg, 44600 Tinkune, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • Nepal
  • Kathmandu,
  • Raja Janak Marg,

Pentagon International College, set up under the aegis of Pentagon Education Network (PEN), imparts world class education in different levels: primary school level, +2 level and bachelor’s level. While +2 level program started in 2009 in Science, Management and Humanities streams, Montessori based primary school was brought in service from 2014.
Similarly, receiving overwhelming support from the parents and students for its proven outstanding results, the college extended its program offering bachelor level education in Bachelor of Business Studies (B.B.S.) and Bachelor in Social Work (B.S.W.) from 2015. This program is affiliated to Tribhuvan University, the oldest and the most reputed university of Nepal. In a very short span of time, the college has become one of the best local destinations that offers international standard of education in the homeland.
As of now, thousands of students, who are excelling exceedingly well in Medical, Engineering, BBA, CA courses both in Nepal and abroad, betoken the quality of well-set foundation they were equipped with during their formative years here at Pentagon. Likewise, Pentagonians topping IOE entrance exams, achieving numerous scholarships in MOE MBBS program and securing Board Top positions in HSEB results are the time-tested testimonies of educational excellence of the college.
The college has got a prominent location in close proximity to Ring Road at Tinkune, Kathmandu. Since this place is meeting point of three adjoining districts of the valley, the premises thus are within an easy access for students from different corners of the city.


The aim of the Pentagon college is to produce smart and competitive candidates who can face all future challenges. Apart from academic performance it also aims on overall development of the students.

Highly experienced, qualified and leading academic professionals and astute managers are assets of Pentagon.

Outstanding results in board examinations as well as successful entry of its students in different fields of science and management like medical, engineering, CA, BBA has put the college in driving seat of Nepalese Academia.

Excellent Faculty

Pentagon has well trained, experienced and dedicated faculties. They not only nurture the students to excel well in their academics but also help them translate their scholastic abilities into real life concerns. Providing necessary support as and when necessary the esteemed faculty members largely extend their cooperation and personalized instruction both inside as well as outside the classrooms. Undoubtedly, it is due to the ever ready and ever willing faculty members that the college has set a benchmark keeping intact the trend of imparting globally competent education till today ever since its establishment.

Outstanding Results

As the college adopts an innovative and advanced teaching-learning methodology, outstanding results in board examinations have become a common phenomenon which scripts the most validated proof of the quality of college. Every now and then, Pentagonians emerging in top positions in H.S.E.B. examinations ever since its inception makes the college have all credentials to appear as one of the leading colleges across the country.

Competitive Students

Since the college enrolls the meritorious students through entrance exams, one can easily find competitive learning environment here at Pentagon. The college simply does not believe in the pass percentage of students; rather, its goal is to groom the students in order that make them globally competent–ready to face any challenges anywhere for their higher academic pursuit. And we are proud to see our graduates taking leading standings in Top Positions in Medical, Engineering and CA entrance examinations.

Unique Teaching Methodology

Encouraging scientific, pragmatic and broad-based education, the college ensures teaching-learning process to be much more active and participatory. Consequently, the students learn to apply their knowledge to real and practical life situations. In addition, the utility of technological advancement, interaction with guest lecturers, participation in workshops and seminars provide the students much needed boost to help them explore and research on the specific areas of their interests.

Regular Examinations and Evaluation

Regular examinations and different types of diagnostic tests set the very core of students’ academic health. Various unit tests, terminal and pre-board examinations are administered to both train the students be goal-oriented, and gauge their strength and weaknesses. The reports thereof are used as navigational tools to facilitate them with remedial classes for further improvements.

Regular Homework and Assignments

The college places high value in timely submission of homework and, preparation and presentation of other assignments which are integral part of our evaluation system. While certain allocation of marks is done for these efforts to ensure students’ regular study habits, its major concern lies at making them be confident and well-versed at what is taught in the classroom on daily basis. While doing so, students can always come up with questions should they be confused with the solutions.

Students Study Helpline

Students Study Helpline is an effective spring that takes its origin from the committee comprising of academicians, HODs, subject experts and counselors resolved to concentrate on students’ learning difficulties and behavioral shortcomings. When teachers find consistent deficiency in students’ progress, they interact about the situation with the committee to come up with a plan to help them with personalized instruction and close monitoring. In such cases, students are facilitated with easy access to the tutors irrespective of working hours.         

Career Counseling

Apart from regular classes and guest lectures on subject matters, the college does make a point to hold various career counselling classes. More often than not, teenagers find it difficult to fix their aim depending on their early age, flickering interests and unstable temperament along with other adjustments that they are expected to consider. So, career counseling session is conducted to help them identify their potential aim and areas in which they can excel better and, make them informed about multiple possible ways to achieve them. Students can have lively discussion with experts from different fields and thus have privilege to share their years-long experiences and expertise.

Regular Interaction with Parents/Guardians

While the college family with its high level professional set up strives best to educate the students, it is equally mindful that regular interaction with the parents/guardians is a must in course of refining their career. Constructive suggestion and feedback thereof act not only as an additional motivating force but also acts as a reason for us to prove ourselves. So, parents and guardians are invited at regular intervals to interact with college authorities for better progress of their wards. 

Co-curricular and Extra-curricular Activities

With a view to supplement the balanced growth and allow them grow with creativity and confidence, liaison and leadership skills; the students are equally encouraged to participate in different co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The ECA also helps individuals to grow in body and mind and keep them fit just using leisure time. The main objective of training them with such kind of activities is to stimulate students’ minds, make them responsive in thinking, and habituate them for participation and being victors.

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