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Pokhara Engineering College

Pokhara Engineering College

Pokhara, Kaski, Nepal
  • Nepal
  • Kaski
  • Pokhara, Kaski
  • Pokhara, Kaski, Nepal , Pokhara
  • Pokhara
  • 061-525926061-531209 977-61-528530

Pokhara Engineering College is located in Phirke, Pokhara. It was established in 1999, aiming to shoulder overwhelming figures of technical students in the western region. It offers bachelor level program in Civil Engineering (96 Seats) Electronics and Communication (48 Seats) Computer Engineering (48 Seats) and 48 Seats in Architecture Engineering.

From the beginning of the day, Pokhara Engineering College has been attempting many possible steps to get into the technical solutions of even common problems. Continuous efforts from every touching employee and student contribute Pokhara Engineering College to receive the perfect recognition to both national and international universities, companies, and research organization as well.

Pokhara Engineering College is proud to have its location in Pokhara, which is the prime picturesque spot of entire Nepal. In addition, the city boasts of a friendly small town atmosphere combined with distinctive natural, cultural and recreational opportunities. Equally eye catching are pollution free environment, green lake, green forests and finally crowned by Annapurna range. Having such an incredible environment, Pokhara Engineering College found that the students are happy to study with active participation in every activity.

The college is the outcome  of the scholarly interaction among dynamic entrepreneurs, distinguished professionals and eminent intellectuals, who visualized the concept of an “Outstanding Educational Organization” having a unique academic philosophy abundant resources and adequate facilities to prepare the youth of today for creative and productive manpower.


  • To motivate students to take chances to explore new avenues of expression and innovation.
  • To build up creative engineers, imbibed with original ideas.
  • To recognize as innovative institution and make findings truly assets of the nation.
  • To indoctrinate the values of ethical standards in personal, social and public life and create leadership parallel to brilliant education as per the objective and need of the society and nation.
  • To pursuit for excellent.


  • To excel professional education and achieve the best on a par with global context.
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