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Prime International School

Prime International School

Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Nepal
  • Kathmandu,
  • Kathmandu,

Prime International School, under the umbrella of Prime Educational Inc., aims to deliver quality education to the +2 students in Science and Management. It is located in Khusibun, Nayabazar. The school has two modern buildings equipped with fully furnished spacious classrooms and state-of-the-art amenities.

The courses offered in Prime International School are blended with theory and practice that ensure maximum productivity and global competency in its students. Teaching and non-teaching staff at Prime offers full and on-going support to make sure that the students achieve their ambition and grow into competitive and socially responsible graduates as envisioned by the school.  

Prime International School follows a structural curriculum, with adequate environment and materials for the growth of students. Prime International School offers Ten Plus Two (10+2) program in Science and Management under National Examination Board (NEB).

There are five different options from which the students can choose to get enrolled in the school for Management stream –

  1. Hotel Management and Computer Science,

  2. Hotel Management and Economics,

  3. Business Studies and Computer Science,

  4. Economics and Computer Science, and

  5. Business Studies and Economics.

Similarly, students can choose to get enrolled in the school for Science stream from two options – Biology and Computer Science.

The school encourages and believes in open-minded philosophy. Students get the opportunity to build their lives and develop connections with the outside world and vast knowledge at their own pace and freedom through nature.

The school also emphasis on non-academic curricular programs by ensuring the cultivation of necessary life skills such as resilience, responsible, risk-taking, innovation, and entrepreneurial mindset, efficient teamwork and communication, and dynamic leadership.


The school would be a vibrant center of learning having its outstanding position as an exemplary organization in the field of school education in Nepal. The students would, therefore, be guided, motivated, supported and encouraged to learn. This would further make them realize their potential and orient themselves to the ideals of PRIME envisaged as:

P : Positive Values
R : Road to Modern Technology
I : Initiation and Innovation
M : Managing a Happy Family Life
E : Exploration of New Knowledge and Skills


Being guided by its vision, the mission of Prime International School is to enable its graduates to be very successful in the real-life situation when they enter into the world of work. The school would do its best to help them become high-quality managers, IT professionals, and in fact job creators rather than job seekers in Nepal and abroad.