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Purnima Bikas Bank Ltd.

Purnima Bikas Bank Ltd.

Siddharthanagar-8, Bidrohichowk, Rupandehi, Nepal
  • Nepal
  • Rupandehi
  • Siddharthanagar-8, Bidrohichowk

Purnima Bikas  Bank Limited (PBBL) is a Regional Level Development Bank    having its Head Office in Siddharthanagar, Bhairahawa, Rupandehi, Nepal. The  Bank has been registered under the Company Act 2063 (Bikram Era) with a  mandate to operate as a Development Bank within the framework of Bank &  Financial Institution Act 2063 (Bikram Era). The Bank has been established with the  aim of collecting idle sources of funds and lending it to different and productive  sector by providing employment opportunity for overall economic development of  the country through effortless, reliable and quality banking service. Zeal of the  promoters and experienced & qualitative management team, the bank is expected  to serve Nepalese people with great pleasure and professionalism. The Bank is  being promoted by local and national level professionals like industrialists,  academicians, businessmen, ex-servicemen, bankers etc.


To provide banking service to the people of city as well as to the people of villages and determining the source of fund and collecting them and utilization of the fund to agriculture,industry,business to help them grow.

To be the preferred financial solutions provider excelling in customer delivery through insight, empowered employees and smart use of technology

Core Values

  •  Customer Centricity
  •  Ethics
  •  Transparency 
  •  Teamwork
  •  Ownership