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Small Heaven School

Small Heaven School

Bharatpur Metropolitan City-2, Aanptari, Chitwan, Nepal
  • Nepal
  • Chitwan
  • Bharatpur Metropolitan City-2, Aanptari, Chitwan


Introduction and History of Small Heaven Model School

Small Heaven Model School prides itself on the quality of its educational programmers the professional of its staff the enthusiasm of its students and the high level of support provided by parents and community members. We are an open school we actively seek participation and involvement from the whole school community. The school was established on 2042 B.S as the name Small Heaven School, in 2068 B.S, the journey of SMS radiating beams of knowledge and uplifting the society, began after two distinct educational bodies merged to form a single entity in the year 2068 B.S. it is Chitwan Model School and Small Heaven School, interweaving two different educational bodies, SMS emerged as an unconventional and exceptional world in itself in the sphere of private boarding schools. Both in academic and in extracurricular activities, SMS has always been in the upfront letting the students embark on a voyage of curiosity and innovation.  SMS is situated in Aaptari, Bharatpur-2, Chitwan , with nearly 1000 students and 70 teaching and non teaching staff. Accompanied by Principal Mr. Bimal Kumar Chhetri under his leadership SMS is moving towards very bright future it is sure to enrich the better upliftment of SMS.


In 2068 BS the school undertook a comprehensive community survey seeking to clarify the effectiveness of our service delivery and identify any changes that needed to be made. Students also benefit from a small student to teacher ratio that ensures that every student’s academic advancement and personal growth are best looked after and their talent and potentials are developed to the full. When recruiting teachers, the school places much emphasis on selecting and matching the teacher’s vocational aspirations and professionalism with the philosophy of the school. This ensures that teachers joining the school are fully committed to the educational values and mission of SMS. As we all know that it won’t be successful if there are no helping hands, it means the Board of Directors who are the real creatures of SMS.