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Teaching Hospital Maharajgunj

Teaching Hospital Maharajgunj

Maharajgunj, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Nepal
  • Kathmandu
  • Maharajgunj, Kathmandu, Nepal

T.U. Teaching Hospital

Prof. Dr. Prem Krishna Khadka
Executive Director

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Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital is the first Hospital and a landmark in the evolution of medical education in Nepal, which was established in 1983AD. Being the integral part of Tribhuvan University, this hospital has been working on education, research and medical
treatment services. It has been a practical place and platform for the medical students to learn and conduct medical research projects and on the other hand as a hospital it renders best and affordable healthcare facilities to the people of Nepal.

During the time of its establishment, 36 years back, this hospital was established as a general hospital with 301 beds and there were hardly 300 outdoor patients a day. But now, with the passage of time there has been a drastic change in the infrastructure and healthcare facilities. Today the number of beds has increased from 300 to 700 along with the expansion of advanced Intensive Care Unit, separate Emergency building, Pediatric Building, ENT and Orthopedic Building. The expansion of Emergency building has made us able to provide the facilities related to emergency and mass casualty care appropriately to the patients. Due to best health care facilities, super specialty care and affordable treatment, it has been able to gain the trust of the people from all over the nation. This hospital is the first choice of the people despite availability of newly constructed private hospitals with sophisticated infrastructure in the city.

TU Teaching Hospital has been providing the most advanced tertiary health care services. We have a team of highly renowned and experienced doctors, trained nurses and highly qualified, hardworking and dedicated staffs. As a result, more than 2000 outdoor patients get benefited every day. We render almost every type of services from general check up to highly advanced treatment which includes advanced critical care facilities for all age group patient, minor to major surgeries, transplant surgeries for kidney and liver, best post-op and indoor care.

We are always in the process of increasing our services with the hope of rendering best and affordable health care facility.

Here are some major tasks that TUTH carried out:

• Recently we have expanded our Orthopedic healthcare service with one modular and 2 semi-modular Operation Theatre, 75 beds including 6 beds for High Dependency unit.

• Diagnostic and therapeutic services in the Radiology Department along with the other departments like ICU , Operation theatre and OPD has been upgraded by the addition of different types of equipment which includes 1.5 Tesla MRI, Ventilator, Anesthesia, Ultrasound machine etc, and many more as a grant from government of Japan and its people.
• Water proofing and many other civil construction work has been done under the “Project for the Improvement of Medical Equipment in Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital” conducted with the help of the grant provided from the government of Japan.
• Oxygen Plant with the production capacity of 1000 litres and 500 litres per hour along with the oxygen filling plant has been successfully installed in the hospital premises.
• We have successfully completed the first Liver transplant surgery in the history of Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital.

Ongoing Projects
• NICU, PICU expansion in the Pediatric Building Annex –III with the help of Agni Group.
• Expansion of pediatric surgery ward along with NICU, PICU and IVF Centre in Mangaladevi Birthing Centre
• Waste management project inside the hospital
• Construction of Suresh Wagle Cancer Centre

Future Plans:
• Addition of Annex IV for the development of Department of Gastroentereology including an endoscopic suite.
• Dismantling the old administrative building deteriorated by the devastating earthquake of 25th April, 2015 and the construction of the new building in the same premise.
• Expansion of ICU services: To increase the ICU beds from 11 to at least 30.