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Vayodha Hospital

Vayodha Hospital

Balkhu, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Nepal
  • Kathmandu
  • Balkhu, Kathmandu

Delivering world-class healthcare

Vayodha means possessing good health in Sanskrit! We believe every human being is an author of his/her own health and in this journey of life we would like to be your trusted companion. For us Patient Care supersedes all other aspects. We emphasize on quality care – round the clock! Where, in symbol of Vayodha, ‘V’ symbolizes caring hands and the Green droplet symbolizes Life.

Vayodha Hospitals, situated at in the major orbit of ring road Kathmandu, is a multi-specialty hospital with the vision of “Cure with Care”. It not only provides a wide-range of health services from primary care to cutting edge treatments of complex and rare health problems but also aims at becoming a national leader in patient-centered committed to provide World Class Preventive and Curative Care within the reach of every individual. Our dedicated and highly trained team of Professionals ensures that the hospital vision and reputation is maintained at the highest level and acts as a Centre of excellence. Vayodha assures to be the most comprehensive facility offering a wide-spectrum of vital health services to every individual irrespective of their age and gender. This hospital is designed to have patient-friendly environment.

Many of our services accounts for the overall clinical quality, with two Fully Accredited Acute Care medical facilities with a combined capacity of 50 beds. We are also the first hospital in the nation to have a modification in the mode of rescue from “Wheels to Wings” with rooftop helipad. Our arena of health services not only includes offering an array of healthcare services combined with advanced technology but also extend medical evacuation from every corner of the nation.

Vayodha Hospitals aims at becoming a national leader in patient-centered health care, medical research and heath care policy reform. At Vayodha, we assure that the patients are in safe hands as their health disorders safeguarded under the legion of experienced physicians and specialists who have come of age and experience who work together to meet the health care needs of each patient. Our chief goal is being the latest medical research and advancement to the heart of Kathmandu to preserve your most valuable asset-your sound health. This is one reason why Vayodha Hospitals has become one of the most reliable when it comes to providing quality health service.

We know, hospital is a way of caring, so we ensure that now treatment is no more trauma with experienced leaders and qualified young team of professionals.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Core Principles
1. Commitment
2. Efforts for continuous improvement & pursuit of excellence
3. Adherence to moral and ethical principles
4. Accountability
5. Teamwork and leadership
6. Accessible to all
7. To maintain high standard of health care and services
8. Time management

1. ‘Cure with Care’
2. Provide entire medical and support services under one roof
3. Providing full spectrum of vital health within reach of every individual
4. Provide world class empathy and compassion to our patients
5. Introduce and implement the latest and reliable technology in health care
6. Emergency services transformed from Wheels to Wings