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VS Niketan Higher Secondary School

VS Niketan Higher Secondary School

Minbhanwan, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Nepal
  • Kathmandu
  • Minbhanwan


Established in 2038 and directed by academician Dr. B.R. Pokharel, VSN has received a national reputation for high quality education in different streams. Its graduates occupy admirable positions in medi­cine, engineering, banking and administration here as well as abroad. VSN is renowned for career-oriented programmes, personal education­al resources and top quality teaching faculties. It offers all the challeng­ing disciplines for higher education to its prospective students. VSN is leading and biggest institution in the country. It has maintained high educational reputation and offered the facilities to widen the horizons as well as to support the ambitions of the students. It has been the centre of academic excellence which is always motivated to turn the students into dedicated, disciplined, efficient and innovative manpower for the nation. As a result, students from different parts of the country give high priority to join and study at VSN. At present, the institution itself has almost 1250 students studying in grade XI and XII in Science and Management streams.



VSN’s commitment for the 21 st century is to ensure all the students get quality teaching, learning environment, and to aim for career oriented opportunities. It also provides outstanding facilities, resources and information access to quality education coupled with recreational activities such as exhibitions, sports etc. VSN is committed to develop competence, conscience, compassion and confidence in the personal qualities of students, so that they could enable themselves to meet all the challenges of the 21st century.

VSN has been awarded the best school of the nation

Moving undaunted with every challenges of time, VSN has once again proved itself to be the best institution of the nation. The government of Nepal, Ministry of Education and Sports awarded the instution the best in the nation and conferred upon it with the Coveted National Shield and Flag for the Year 2065, Moreover, VSN has been ranked as one of the most-sought after and popular educational institution where stu­dents from all over the nation cultivate strong hopes to get admitted and be a part of it. Being awarded as the best educational institution of the nation has further motivated us to be determined in our goals and objec­tives that meet the standard par excellence.




> Attention to quality that helps students to achieve excellent results.

> An apporach to learning that encourages self-motivation and personal responsibility to meet individual targets.

> Staff dedicated to the students giving their best and getting the best from them.

> A wide range of learning opportunities.

> Ongoing commitment to provide quality education.

> High degree of discipline.

> Brilliant success in NEB Exam.

It has been obvious that VSN achieves glorious success every year in the NEB Exam of Science and Management. This is all because of the well-organized management of the institution, devotion and dedication of the teaching staffs and brilliant performance and commitment of its students. VSN is committed to maintain its standard in the days to come. On the journey of its glory, the students of VSN have also achieved Top most positions in the NEB exam in their respective faculties.

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