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Paging In ASP.NET Core (.NET 5) Web API

x Paging In ASP.NET Core (.NET 5) Web API

This article or source code explains how paging can be implemented using the stored procedure in .NET 5 Core in Razor Pages. When you have millions of records in the database and need high performance and complete control over the query to be used for pagination,shorting searching, in this case we can use stored procedures.

In the source code, we have created database ,tables and store procedure, so no need to create it again. So we are sorting the data ascending or descending after we click on table headings on the screen. For that, I am using the case so that it will manipulate records according to column name.Suppose we have 100 records to display in frontend and we are displaying only 10 records per page, after you click on page 2, then it will display next 10 records and so on. In DataTable, we can use datatable.js library packages to display pagination, but here if we are only showing 100 records at one time, this will decrease our performance so per page i will display only 10 record from 100 records.

In the Source code project you will learn

  1. Create New Application in visual studio 2019
  2. Creating the Database tables-sql script
  3. Insert record in sql datable-sql script
  4. Create store procedure
  5. Creating the DataTable Models
  6. Create razor page,call api with param
  7. Add jquery link in the page
  8. Add jquery link in the page
  9. Shorting,searching and paging from server side programming

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