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zkemkeeper.dll free download and Register sdk file in 64 bit computer

zkemkeeper.dll free download and Register sdk file in 64 bit computer

SDK Description

The offline communication SDK is an interface for data communication with offline fingerprint

devices, access control devices, and RFID card devices. It can be used to conveniently manage

user information and fingerprints, download attendance records, operation records, user

information, and fingerprint templates, set devices, and configure access control. The SDK is

used to:

  1. Download attendance records
  2. Upload and download user information, card information, fingerprints, and face information
  3.  Set access control rules of access control devices. 
  4.  Set device time, match thresholds, etc
  5. Trigger various events of devices in real time, for example, fingerprint verification
  6.  Directly enroll users online
  7. Set SMS and work code (available only on devices that support this function) of users. 
  8. Set personalized prompt tones, function keys, etc. 

Installing the SDK

Double-click setup.exe to install the SDK on your computer


In this document, functions and protocols are described in the C language. Functions are

classified by usages. The SDK is an offline communication development kit by default. 


Real-time event 

 After the SDK and the device communicate with each other successfully, some operations

on the device (for example, connecting to the device, verifying a user, and enrolling a user)

trigger corresponding events in real time, and data is transmitted to the PC (host computer).

The triggered events are called real-time events. Users can monitor device states and user

operations in real time through real-time events. 


 Shortened form of "fingerprint"

Fingerprint algorithm 

A fingerprint algorithm refers to the algorithm used to generate and verify fingerprint

templates. At present, ZKFinger 9.0 is the latest fingerprint algorithm used by ZKSoftware

black & white devices. 

High-speed buffer

A high-speed buffer refers to the memory requested by the SDK on a PC during usage. In

the data upload or download process, data is first saved in the buffer before being


Time slot, group, open door combination

These three terms are the most important concepts of access control.

A time slot is a time range. A time slot includes the time information of one week, and a time

range is specified for each day of this week. For example, the following expression indicates

a time range from 00:00 to 22:11 in each day of one week:

00002211000022110000221100002211000022110000221100002211. Generally, 50 time

slots can be set in the device.

A group is a collection. When many users have the same access control privileges, these

users can be added to the same group and use the group time slot. Then, time slots can be

set for the group.

An open door combination refers to the groups that are required for unlock. If the open door

combination contains only one group, it indicates that the door is opened when any of the

users in this group passes verification. If the open door combination contains two or more

groups, the door is opened only after all groups pass verification. For example, an open

door combination contains groups A and B, the door is opened only after a member of group

A and a member of group B pass verification.

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